Management Features

Optimise Performance and Accelerate Team

Performance Management:

Kinetic is able to help organization moderate and manage yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly forecast and plan, while actively, transparently ease cascading down expected deliveries and deliverables among leadership and junior employee.

Kinetic comprehensive performance management system empowers your employees to have a high-level input to their personal career progression and will enable managers to better identify, recognize, and reward individuals based upon an agreed set of criteria and deliverables.

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Program management:

Kinetic system is able to help organizations plan learning, mentorship, collaboration and internal communication that is aligned to individuals and organizations goal settings, performance management and other career planning that can help keep employee motivation and growth trajectory on the upward.

Kinetic system has Inlearn and Outlearn APIs of top world professional courses that are augmented and compiled for organizations use, this way all learning resources can be projectized and planned, each learning progress are documented for individuals and are added to their career milestone and planning.

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Talent Management:

Kinetic talent management make it easy for organization to train employee, recruit employee internally and externally. The system allows for internal organization communication and departmental planning while, conducting live interview and departmental session among distributed team.

Also, HR department and key decision makers are able to see real time performance and growth of their business and employees holistically, this way key operation and business decisions can be made based on real time data with deep insights and analytics

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